How to activate CloudFlare via cPanel

CloudFlare is quickly becoming one of the most important addons that a web host can offer.  While some web hosts charge a premium to implement CloudFlare protection and optimization, Host Boogie provides this free of charge across all of our hosting plans (including our Starter Lite plan).

Cloudflare boasts many features but it’s main uses revolve around security, and site optimization.  Using Cloudflare as a caching service can vastly improve the performance of your website by caching all static content on their end, while at the same time increasing security by protecting your site using CloudFlare’s DNS.

Activating CloudFlare is as simple as logging into your cPanel, and following the few prompts to enable the features you wish.  Today we will be covering activating and configuring CloudFlare via your Host Boogie cPanel.  By default, Host Boogie runs the Paper Lantern cPanel theme, if you are using the legacy x3 theme, the options will look different, but the process itself is the same:

From your cPanel, locate the “CloudFlare – Supercharge your Website” category:


Choose the CloudFlare icon, which will then prompt you for your email address, and a quick signup process:


Once you are registered, you simply need to activate CloudFlare on any domain you wish to have run behind CloudFlare by clicking the gray cloud under the CloudFlare Status menu:


If activated correctly, the gray cloud will turn orange, and attempt to automatically setup your cname to point to cloudflare.  You may choose which subdomains and DNS entries you want running behind CloudFlare:


That’s it!  Your primary www CNAME is now setup to route all traffic from through CloudFlare.

  • Please note that this walkthrough is intended for customers using Host Boogie Name Servers.

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