Install WordPress using Softaculous

Today we will be going over installing WordPress using Softaculous App Installer within your cPanel.  As always this tutorial is given using our default cPanel theme Paper Lantern.  If you have reverted to an older cPanel theme, some options may look different.

Okay, onto the fun part.

Login to your cPanel and scroll all the way down until you locate the Softaculous App Installer, and then choose the WordPress icon:


From here, click on the Install tab along the top of the page, and begin filling out the required fields.  Please note, if you are installing WordPress to the root of your domain ( you MUST remove all content from the ‘In Directory’ field:


Next, you will set your website’s title, and decription.  These settings are not final and can always be edited at a later time as well:


The next, and most important step is to choose a non-default username, and create a strong password.  We strongly recommend changing the default admin username:


We have bundled some popular free templates which will allow you to install the chosen theme directly with WordPress.  Additionally, you may always install your theme(s) at a later time.  Once chosen, click the install button and you are off!


That’s it!  WordPress is now installed and you may login to the WordPress admin panel to begin designing your website:


We strongly recommend checking out our Recommended WordPress Security from here.

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